About Meps ‘n’ Barry

Meps 'n' Barry
Meps ‘n’ Barry

Margaret “Meps” and Barry have been quietly blogging about their unusual, untethered lives for over eleven years. We don’t have any awards, blogrolls, or commercial sponsors, just excellent stories, limericks, and photographs. There are over 600 entries here for you to enjoy, as well as a link to the Foodie Gazette, a website with Meps’ recipe collection.

On mepsnbarry.com, you’ll find tales of our journeys and the people we’ve met in the United States, Canada, and abroad. We occasionally stay in one place for a while, there are also stories about living in Seattle, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

About Flutterby

Hoisting the sails on a calm day at the dock
Hoisting Flutterby’s sails on a calm day at the dock

We are full-time sailboat cruisers aboard Flutterby, a fiberglass Freedom 33 cat ketch sailboat. She was built in 1981 with a unique unstayed rig that featured carbon fiber masts, wraparound sails, and wishbone booms. Since purchasing the boat in 2007, we have replaced the rig with an equally unique junk rig that includes cambered sails and a split rig on the main mast. Her distinctive red, white, and sky blue color scheme has been the subject of many photos and at least one painting.

About the Squid Wagon

When we are not aboard Flutterby, we often travel the back roads in the Squid Wagon, a three-quarter-ton Ford Club Wagon van. It sounds like a big truck, and it drives like one, too. “Squidley” has circumnavigated North America, has crossed the continent a few times, and is known to many friends as critical infrastructure for the Happy Spot at Burning Man.

The Squid Wagon in the Happy Spot
The Squid Wagon in the Happy Spot