About Barry

Barry at the helm of Flutterby
Barry, sailing Flutterby in Florida

Barry is a shipwright, sailor, photographer, and artist who likesĀ solving problems, figuring stuff out, and making things. He is the brilliant Ship’s Engineer aboard Flutterby, and he designed and created her junk sailing rig himself, including sewing over 800 square feet of sails in one-car garage. He is an expert with fiberglass and marine electrical systems, has his ham radio license, does his own plumbing, and knows just enough to be dangerous about diesel engines in old sailboats and older vans. He’s not only excellent at applying two-part polyurethane paints, but he has the patience to do the prep work (i.e., sanding) that Meps does not.

Barry was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, but considers Seattle, Washington to be his home port. In a previous life, he has been an electrical engineer, FPGA designer, computer geek, and patent examiner.

Big Barry's Electric Flower Garden
Big Barry’s Electric Flower Garden

His art projects include The Electric Flower Garden, Choose ART, and the Happy Spot at Burning Man, and he has volunteered with the Department of Mutant Vehicles for four years. Three of his currently neglected interests are partner dancing (especially with Meps), bicycling, and badminton. When he starts reading a book, he has trouble putting it down.

Barry works at the top of Flutterby's 43-foot mast
Barry works at the top of Flutterby’s 43-foot mast
Barry, aboard Flutterby
Barry works on a rigging project aboard Flutterby