Moving forward…almost

Yikes, it’s been two years since I’ve written anything for the web here! And it’s been about half that since the once-trusty, now-rusty Squid wagon moved.

Ever since we returned from the Carolinas, we have been preparing to move over there. Being the practical [Err, Sweetie, is that pronounced “Procrastinating” instead] one, I insisted that we were busy doing holiday things instead, so we didn’t really try to do anything until a couple weeks ago.

Today, I finally finished some of what I had started many moons ago–I got the engine of the Squid Wagon to turn over. It would have been real “forward” progress if I had gone and drove around the street or something. But I didn’t do that–the “original” problem was that the engine wouldn’t start after sitting for a day or a week…so I’m waiting until it continues to start tomorrow and next week before I re-assemble things completely. Then I’ll drive it somewhere. Yes, Meps did get emergency towing added to our car insurance first.

Of course, the progress of paring our lives down to fit everything inside the van except for a few stored treasures is also glacial, but every bit helps…like believing that the van will be ready for the task before we are!