Time for some new junk

Flutterby junk rig drawing

I first had a dream of building a junk rigged sailboat almost twenty years ago.  For the last four years I’ve been planning to build a junk rig for Flutterby–even before we had looked at her as a possible boat to buy.

Since we arrived in Vero Beach at Christmas, my job has been to design some sails to put on her.  OK, there have been many other things to do, including designing and installing a solar power system  Now I’ve pretty much run out of rig design questions to chase my own tail around, and I’ve got a design good enough to show off to other junk rig designers. I don’t know how many of our readers are junk rig designers, but you can still see what we plan to put up on Flutterby.

For those who are interested, there are some additional files you can look at:  (more detailed specs and drawing for 8-panel version shown) (specs and drawing for 7-panel variation) (Flutterby’s original cat ketch rig)  If you do have any ideas about how this might work, talk to me soon, as I hope to be ordering parts and starting construction by the end of the month!